Start a DJ career today!

DJ Rcf Mix: Start a DJ career today!

Music isn’t just a hobby, it is an art form that can be then turned into a career if you try hard enough. This is a cutthroat industry that requires strength and discipline even as DJs trying to make a name for themselves. 

Becoming a DJ can be quite the challenge, especially with people who don’t necessarily believe that this isn’t a full-blown profession. Don’t let their opinions bring you down to achieving your dream. Let DJ Rcf Mix help you out on this journey. Browse below for tips on how you can make a career out of being a DJ.

Different professions in the DJ industry

Simply put, a DJ is someone who hosts recorded music for an audience. This can be at a party or an intimate performance, as long as there is recorded music. Many people fail to realise that there’s artistry with curating a playlist. 

Here are some of the different types of DJs according to what they do:

  • Club DJ

Upon entering a bar, you’ll often hear deafening and energetic music that hypes you up to dance. This is all possible because of the Club DJ curating a playlist and inserting blends to make things seamless. 

That’s not where the job ends because a DJ should also know how to keep the energy flowing at the right moments. Proper downtime transitions are also part of the job to keep the balance between an active dance floor and a busy bar.

  • Mobile DJ

For formal events and parties like corporate functions and social gatherings, a mobile DJ can do the job of filling in the awkward silences. The music they collate sets the tone of the event in giving the right ambience.

To become a mobile DJ, you need to be in the know of the latest trends within the music industry. Make sure that your playlist has the hottest tracks to keep audiences interested in the show. Moreover, it’s a must to invest in quality equipment because that’s mostly part of the package. 

  • Radio DJ

The history of being a DJ came from the radio. Back in the day when television sets were still a dream to behold, people got their news and entertainment from an audio box broadcasted in specific areas. 

People who live broadcasts things on-air are called Radio anchors. They offer entertainment, insight as well as curate music. Although, people working on radio stations are dwindling due to technological developments. 

  • Performance DJs

Being a DJ is an art form and some people go to gigs just to see these artists perform their impressive tricks and clever transitions. These artists are called performance DJs and are creating audio artworks that display mastery of mixing and blending sounds. 

The best way to understand how impressive a DJ’s skills are is to see them during their live events and see for yourself how they handle their gear. Those who are skilled can turn a simple turntable into a musical instrument. 

Become a DJ now with DJ Rcf Mix!

It’s challenging to become a DJ because it’s not just about collating songs. You’re making modern art that many people won’t understand. This shouldn’t stop you from trying to learn the craft and making a career out of it. 

Start by learning all about the roles and responsibilities of DJs and the skills you need to become one. From there, you can practice your desired skill set then move on to bigger things like performing. 

Get to know more about starting a career in the music industry as you browse through DJ Rcf Mix.


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