Get to know all about music!

DJ Rcf Mix: Get to know all about music!

A single note from every musical piece can bring people together. The power of music can move the hearts of many and that’s why here at DJ Rcf Mix, we want to share this passion with those who try to seek it. 

Browse through the website and learn more about what we can offer. From feature articles to original compositions, you’ll not only be entertained but also learn from a lot of people within the music community. 

About DJ Rcf Mix

DJ Rcf Mix is a website dedicated to all kinds of music. Whether it’s a modern piece or something from decades past, you know you’ll get something worth listening to here on this musical site. 

This site is run by passionate and talented individuals who are invested in propagating the wonders of music. It started as an outlet for opinion pieces and music recommendations until the site eventually built a community that shares the same passion. 

Now, DJ Rxf Mix is home to different kinds of people sharing their love for music. Join us as we make a difference in the scene even in the simplest of ways. 

You can create an account for exclusive access to our updates and special articles. Make sure to also join the newsletter for more news about the music scene and our site in general. 

Mission, vision and core values

As purveyors of music, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide a safe space for people to share their passion and interest. It is our goal to have a site that’s accessible for everyone, no matter where you are in the world. 

Additionally, we also intend to help people create music of different genres. No matter what you are interested in, rest assured that you’ll have all the resources you need when you join our small online community. 

We believe that artists should be able to express themselves in ways they want. However, this isn’t an excuse to not behave your best in our community. We uphold inclusivity and freedom of expression but once your art infringes upon other people’s freedom to share their work, things can go out of hand. 

Please be aware of the core values and community guidelines that we uphold here at DJ Rfx Mix:

  • Always be on good behaviour whenever you converse with people in the community. Never incite malicious fights that can be deemed offensive and hurtful. When proven guilty of such actions, you’ll get suspended or banned from the website. 
  • Keep all conversations in forums civil. If you disagree with some of the opinions, please respectfully say so to the other community members. We value freedom of expression here but you should also be aware of the limitations on telling your opinions. 
  • Music is the main focus of this website. Any topics outside of the subject matter will be deleted because it defeats the purpose that we have carefully upheld throughout the website’s existence. 
  • Know between warranted opinions and unsolicited ones. There are times that your arguments are sound and justifiable but once you’ve stepped over the line, you will be dealt with by the admin staff.


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