Bollywood movies and tunes to know

DJ Rcf Mix: Bollywood movies and tunes to know

There are a variety of movies all over the world. Some are bittersweet while others are action-packed. Whatever genre that is, you know you’re in for a ride not only in the story’s narrative but in the visuals as well. 

One of these subcategories is Bollywood movies. These movies have a slice of everything in one compelling story. Aside from this, these films are filled with songs that are uplifting, moving and exciting. You’ll be surprised at how each note will urge your body to dance to every beat. 

Get to know more about Bollywood and the top hits the industry produced over the years here at DJ Rcf Mix!

What are Bollywood movies?

Bollywood movies are a unique subcategory of the film industry. It’s defined by the Bombay cinema culture that’s reflected in the storyline and visuals of the films produced within India, especially in Mumbai. 

The name is a play on words. It mixes Hollywood and Bombay films to create something special and culturally relevant not only in India but also in the global film industry. This is the largest sector of Indian cinema and reaps millions of money worldwide. 

This subcategory isn’t only notable for the special narratives, it’s also known for the unique music. Each film has different songs that people can sing and dance to. That’s how powerful this subcategory is. 

You can also expect the industry to produce thousands of movies a year. This makes India the largest film industry in the world, in terms of movies produced. 

Why are Bollywood movies so exciting?

The popularity of Bollywood movies isn’t because of the talented stars featured in these blockbusters. One of the industry’s main attractions is the use of song and dance to emphasize storytelling. 

Bollywood movies have a lot of striking scenes unique to their culture and upbringing. These are then highlighted with musical numbers that many people enjoy. 

Singing and dancing may be entertaining to those who are unfamiliar with Hindi cinema but this is a reflection of how important their culture is to their identity. 

The reason why there’s always an aesthetic production number in every movie is to pay homage to Hindu classic theatre. Indian filmmakers always include these scenes to fully encapsulate the cultural experience for their country’s audience as well as the people watching worldwide. 

The scenes are like a small detour from reality woven into the narrative plot. It’s an escape to the mundanity of everyday life of the movie characters and adds depth to their experience. That’s what makes Bollywood movies so exciting.

The hottest Bollywood songs

Aside from the storytelling, Bollywood is known for the production value of musical numbers. These songs are also enjoyed as standalone musical pieces because the genres range from ballad, romantic and classical to modern dance and party songs. 

You will always find a tune that would fit your mood, even if you haven’t seen the film where it was featured. It’s like listening to Broadway show tunes but with a Hindi twist.

Here are some of the most popular Bollywood songs that you should know:

  1. Kun Faya Kun in Rockstar (2011)

Everyone wants to be a popular artist adored by many but this journey isn’t filled with glitter and gold. The unglamorous life of reaching stardom is tackled in the Bollywood film, Rockstar and how fame isn’t everything you’d expect it to be. 

The song Kun Faya Kun that first debuted in the film reflects the arduous journey of the main protagonist, Janardhan. He does not sing the song but the melody is chanted by the different people he passes as he walks by the busy streets. 

You might not think much of the song but it’s a bittersweet piece that gives life to the struggling artist. Anyone who wants to make something of themselves can relate to this marvellous song. 

  1. I am a Disco Dancer in Disco Dancer (1982)

Back in the day, many people dream of becoming disco dancers. This is perfectly encapsulated in the story of Anil, a street performer and wedding singer of the movie Disco Dancer. 

The movie is a roller coaster ride of Anil’s rags to riches journey as he becomes the most revered disco dancer in the country. His unique story is perfectly portrayed in the musical number ‘I am a Disco Dancer’ wherein he performs to a large crowd and showcases his performance prowess. 

This song can make you dance to every beat since the dynamic rhythm is contagious. The lively performance also wraps the movie beautifully since it is the penultimate number by the main protagonist. 

  1. Dola Re Dola in Devdas (2002)

The movie Devdas tells a classic story of romance. Its premise is about a man named Devdas who’s torn between two gracious women that love him. However, both of these women are not meant to be his. One of them so desperately loves him but he could never return the feelings and another he could never stop loving but is married to someone else. 

It’s a gut-wrenching story that’s surprisingly filled with upbeat music like Dola Re Dola. The scene starts with women fully clothed with traditional garb lively dancing on the dance floor. You just won’t be able to stop yourself from swaying to the energetic music as you watch the entire scene. 

You’ll also witness the happiness of the women dancing but is juxtaposed with the main protagonist’s grief towards it all. The scene says it all even without any form of dialogue.

  1. Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Most popularly referred to as DDLJ, this Bollywood movie cemented itself as a cultural heritage of India. The movie has been playing nonstop in theatres for over 25 years and continues to influence the pop culture scene of the Indian film industry. 

One of its many iconic songs is Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam which is the film’s closing number. It sums up the love story between the two protagonists and how their journey together changed their lives for the better. 

You’ll see how their love evolved in this ending song’s montage but the piece also works on its own. It’s impossible not to feel the passion with every beat of the song as you listen to its standalone musical piece. 

  1. Saanson Ki Jarurat Hai Jaise in Aashiqui (1990)

No movie can top Aashiqi in being romantic. This ‘90s Bollywood film is beautiful and tragic in its own right. It tells a story of a young man that’s angry with how things went in his life thus wreaking havoc in his father’s second marriage. 

The sadness of the story may be unnoticeable in this number but this ballad truly catches the attention of the audience as the story unfolds. There’s romance in each note but tinged beautifully with sadness as the events tragically go out of hand from the protagonist’s perspective. 

As in any Bollywood movie, Aashiqui elicits dramatic themes that are showcased in performances. The opening song may fool you into thinking nothing bad is going to happen but you need to brace yourself with different outcomes as well as an emotional rollercoaster ride towards the movie’s ending. 

  1. London Thumakda in Queen (2014)

Bollywood movies are known for their stunning song and dance numbers but Queen took it to an entirely different level. The progressive film features the main protagonist who embarks on a journey to Europe after her fiance called off their wedding. 

London Thumakda is one of the many musical numbers of the movie but it captures the heart of the entire film. The upbeat music as well as the experiences of the main character drastically unfold as the number progresses. 

It’s an uplifting song that can cheer you up even in the saddest moments of your life. Queen is a must-watch movie not only for this song but for the progressiveness of the narrative that the story is telling. 

  1. ABCD in Hum Saath-Saath Hain (1999)

The Hindu film cinema can also create family-friendly narratives such as the story showcased in Hum Saath-Saath Hain. Its story focuses on the unconventional family of the Chaturvedi. 

From broken marriages and hurt feelings, the story turns into something uplifting and lovable. The journey can be seen in the song ABCD as the family journeys together and heals as one. It’s a beautiful story that would inspire families to make amends with one another for the betterment of their lives. 

This movie isn’t just for children to learn about family values but also for parents and adults to reflect on. The song is also a great reflection on how marvellous things can happen when people learn to seek forgiveness as well as have the heart to forgive one another. 

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